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We're proud to call ourselves a leading motion graphics design company because we know what it takes to create an attractive, popular info graphic video. Our team has years of experience in design, and we take the time to research and understand your brand and concept before committing anything to video.

The goal of motion graphics is to breathe life into info graphics by adding movement and sound, while promoting a company's brand and message.

A motion graphic allows the viewer to go on visual a journey using a narrative, instead of simply scrolling through data on a screen. Motion is used to add interest, grab attention, or bring life to what may otherwise be uninteresting and hard to understand content.

Complex ideas, concepts, and issues cannot be simply understood through a single image. With motion graphics, you are able to bring your business and story to life with visuals and sounds.

The use of visual effects and motion graphics allows data to meet design and merge into an incredible presentation.

Unlike other motion graphics companies, the motion graphics designers at Praxi Studios dedicate their time to learning about your brand and the message you would like to promote.

We love working with companies, agencies, and entertainment companies of all sizes. We work with veterans, and people new to motion graphics, VFX, and animation. If you are considering a simulation, commercial, internal training or more, we would love to hear from you. Get started today!!!