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Technological transformation in the world today has been so rapid that it has moved most human activities to the virtual space “digital marketing”. Our private life, work, leisure and study time are all linked to “being online.”
If your company does not exist online, it’s almost like it does not exist at all. Presently there is little or no need to own a physical space anymore. You can achieve great success with your online presence.
However, growing an online presence is no child’s play.

To make your brand stand out, you need to be acquainted with different digital marketing tools and how to operate them. We have created this article to help you with just that.
If you are just starting, this post poses to help you with recommended tools that are very helpful. We will be listing only 15, but bear in mind that there are a whole lot of tools out there.

These 15 tools will help you achieve the following:
Get content ideas
Analyze keywords
Build links
Measure your search rankings
Achieve technical SEO success
1. Remove links
For ease, we have broken these tools into three crucial stages of growing your brand: Research and planning, implementing a marketing strategy, and analytics. Let’s get started!
Research and planning
Google Trends
Google trends give you the latest happenings in any area of your choice. Just type a keyword (industry name or product) in the search section. You will immediately know all about your topic and its latest updates. If this is a competitor or your brand name, the information on Google trends is of great value.
How this helps
It is essential that as a new brand to know which product and services are trending at every given moment to come up with better ideas.
Google Trends allows you to verify if your business idea is outdated, and most importantly, the number of your competitors.
2. Ahrefs
Knowing your competitors is very important when starting. Ahrefs tools provide you with ample information about competitors in your field. You will also understand how they get their traffic, backlinks, information on their ranking keywords, contents and a whole lot of other information that can be useful to you.
How this helps you
To attain success, you need to learn from the mistakes and success stories of your competitors. Using these data available of Ahrefs, you have a perfect reference point when drafting out your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs
    We cannot begin to express or explain how much of a help this tool can be when drafting your marketing strategy.
    Keywords Explorer’s Database proposes more than 3 billion keywords, which is updated daily. It is supported in over 100 countries worldwide.
    A few of its amazing features:
    Keyword difficulty score: It tells you how easy you can rank for each keyword.
    “Clicks” metric: shows the data about actual clicks for keywords
    Advanced metrics: includes an analysis of paid clicks, return rate, and clicks per search
    How this helps you
    Keywords are essential in your promotion process as it helps searchers locate contents that they need with ease. Thus, when you know the keywords that are searched often, you will be able to include them into your content, thereby making them easy to find.
    Facebook Audience Insights
    Facebook is the largest social network in the world. It is also advantageous when you need to target your advertising campaign to the right audience. Audience Insight gives you information on the interest, habits, demographic data, devices used and even household income of these Facebook users.
    How this helps you
    When you have correctly understood the interests of your customers, it is easy to offer them the kind of products and services they indeed. Also, knowing the activities and events your audience attend can also help you creatively include it in your marketing plan.
    4. Buzzsumo
    Buzzsumo allows you to analyze the content that has been shared the most on any topic. It will enable you to find content in a particular niche by author, domain or theme. It also makes it easy for you to monitor the social activities of your competitors.
    How this helps you;
  2. When you have identified the interest of your target audience, Buzzsumo helps you create contents tailored to their needs, based on strong contents available. This leads to high engagements and also lets you see the reactions of users to this content on social media handles.

Building a marketing strategy

CoSchedule headline analyzer
The names of your campaign slogan, product and services, and content title are all designed to attract potential clients. CoSchedule headline analyzer helps you create headlines that persuade readers to perform an action and seek for more information.
How this helps you
This tool helps you to create notable and attractive headlines. The more active your headlines are, the more traffic you are likely to get—the more online visitors you have, the more conversion rate your business gains.
5. WebpageFX’s readability tool
No matter how superb your content is, if it is not tailored to suit your target audience, it will remain irrelevant. This tool allows you to adjust your content to the required level of your target audience. Just enter your URL in the search block, and WebpageFX’s readability tool will guide you in refining your content.
How this helps you
It helps your readers read your content with ease which is essential. Nobody wants to crack their head, trying to understand what you mean when they can quickly go to another site and get what they want. Do not lose potential clients with an ineffective and ambiguous text. Let WebpageFX’s readability tool do the trick.
6. PushCrew (now VWO)
The main goal of maintaining an online presence is to grow your audience. PushCrew is designed to do just that. It allows you to send notifications to your customers even when they are not on your website. This is an excellent way to let them know about new offers.
How this helps you

With a lot of distractions, every company is at risk of not getting noticed in the endless flow of information an individual receives daily. Push notifications is a tool that allows you to remind customers about new products. Once you have a consistent strategist, you are on your way to transforming casual visitors to loyal customers.

7. Facebook Advertising
We earlier mentioned the enormous potential of this social network. This tool gives you a smooth and sophisticated approach to creating your Facebook ads. Even if you are just starting, it helps you increase brand awareness.
How this helps you
Facebook advertising helps you create an advertising strategy on the largest social network in the world, which allows you to reach a wide range of targeted audience.
8. Eclincher
At the centre of extreme social activity, it is essential that you utilize the opportunities that social media makes available for your business. Eclincher helps you to publish contents on all your social media handles automatically. You can also schedule posts to boost better performance. Amazingly, it also replies to every reaction on your post on social media.

How this helps you
To have control of your marketing campaign to direct places all at once can be overwhelming and unrealistic for some individuals. But, Eclincher allows you to simultaneously promote on all social media handles and also easily interact with your audience.
Analyzing your results
9. Crazy Egg
This application gives you insight into your website visitors and their interactions with each page.
How this helps you
With Crazy Egg, you can adjust your online resources to the needs of your visitors, increase conversion rates and also improve navigation.
10. SERPs Rank Checker
To know the progress of your website at every given point, just input the name of your website, and you will see where you rank for a particular period.
How this helps you
The tool evaluates the ranks of your website’s keywords on Google. The higher your website rank, the easier it is for people to locate you, and the more your marketing strategy will be useful.
Thus, SERP helps you measure the efficiency of your positioning and adjust your strategy if you are ranking low.

11. Google Analytics
Google Analytics helps you track the traffic flow into your website, and also the keywords that directed them to your website.
How this helps you
The visibility and availability of your website are essential to achieve top performance. You can accomplish this when you optimize your web resources using Google Analytics.
12. Open Site Explorer
Open Site Explorer allows you to analyze links comprehensively. It enables you to research backlinks, discovers potentially damaging links and also uncovers opportunities for link-building.
How this helps you
Links are essential for promotion. The more “good” your links are, the better your marketing campaign is. But how can you differentiate between a useful link and spam? Open Site Explorer allows you to distinguish between the two.

13. Facebook Analytics for apps
This can be regarded as Facebook’s most powerful analytics tool. You cannot find an across-channel analysis and demographic data like this anywhere. It also provides various tools for analyzing performance based on revenue and retention.

How this helps you
Facebook has a record of people’s activities, purchase habits, and location. Its analysis gives data on social tendencies that are valuable to your marketing strategy.

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