Animation and Motion Graphics

Whether it is high end motion graphics, Photoshop work, a simple logo reveal or some animated type in the world of motion graphics, design and animation. we got you covered.

Motion Graphics

Complex ideas, concepts, and issues cannot be simply understood through a single image. With motion graphics, you are able to bring your business and story to life with visuals and sounds. The use of visual effects and motion graphics allows data to meet design and merge into an incredible presentation.

The goal of motion graphics is to breathe life into infographics by adding movement and sound while promoting a company’s brand and message. A motion graphic allows the viewer to go on visual a journey using a narrative, instead of simply scrolling through data on a screen. Motion is used to add interest, grab attention, or bring life to what may otherwise be uninteresting and hard to understand content.

Unlike other Animation studios in Lagos, the Animators at Praxis Studios Ojodu, dedicates their time to learning about your brand and the message you would like to promote.

We work closely with our clients when establishing goals and objectives for their media needs. Our team of experts uses a wide range of industry-tested tools, resources and techniques for an accurate analysis of your business, customers and competition. At the end of our analysis and audit, we submit a comprehensive report on our findings, which includes clear and informed recommendations about the next steps to take in your media and animation project.

2D Animation

With animation, the imagination is unlimited. Animated storytelling can be used to promote a new product, explain scientific ideas, illustrate an operational process or envision futuristic concepts. We work closely with you to tell your story. The powers of 2D animation and visual effects only get stronger, bigger, and with us even more accessible.

3D Animation

We specialize in high-quality animation from concept to completion. Our studio focuses on developing and producing fast animated news, high-quality original animation for delivery across multiple media channels. We cover all phases from concept art and preproduction to animation, all the way to final results in postproduction. We handle every step of the 3D animation content workflow: from storyboards to real-time 3D production to CG animation.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We offer real time analytics, in-page analytics, market analysis, content auditing, competitor auditing, customer auditing, and influencer analysis. We also create “personas”, which is an effective way to understand the needs of your users while prioritizing the features and functionality of your personalized strategy for success. Some of the useful features within our analytics program include: custom filters, automated tasks, event tracking, funnel visualization, assisted conversions, visitor flow, reverse goal paths, plus many more services dependent on what your company requires.


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