10 social media ideas to keep your brand fresh

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The world is going digital and videos will drive 82% or more of web traffic. So if you are not utilizing the use of videos contents and social media, that means you’re leaving reach and engagement on this table that i’m shaking.

To add more sugar to this juice, here are options to choose from:

Stories (Facebook and Instagram)




Live video (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)

Tik Tok


Here’s a tip: You know I can’t leave you hanging on little mistakes to avoid yeah? okay so…

1. When sharing videos, especially Facebook, YouTube and twitter videos on other social media channels, don’t just share links.

Rather, post the complete video or share a really catchy pilot video and leave your link after a sweet caption to drag their attention to your other site.

Don’t forget to join TikTok and triller train, where short and fun videos can reach your younger audience. Okay? Alright, let’s continue.

2. Post your employees! These people make up your brand/company. Showcasing these people who work at your company can build a personal connection with your audience much more quickly than you think.

Try posting a few of your employees or posts featuring your employees talking about your brand/product(s)/company and their roles to personalize your social media feeds and share different voices.

This enables your followers to put a literal face to your brand, which helps them feel more connected.

3.  Learn to share a little bit of information about what you do, to your followers. Your social channels are a great place to share photos and videos that show people something they wouldn’t normally see.

Use your social media pages to post videos that show your office or workplace events or, give followers a photographic peek into the creative process behind your work;

whether it’s a look at products getting packed for shipping or a glimpse of event preparations.

4 Contests and giveaways!! yay!!! who doesn’t like money?

Rewarding your followers helps you gain new ones ( a friend will tell a friend that will tell a friend that will tell a friend lol)  by hosting a contest or giveaway on your social media channels you’ll

boost engagement, and you might gain new followers as people hear about it from family and friends.

Let me share a little secret! doing giveaways are also a great way to promote new products and services;

but make sure the condition for entry before you run a contest or giveaway is for them to follow your page and be sure to familiarize yourself in the comment sections.

5. Use an influencer: Pair up with an influencer who fits well with your brand, and have them generate content that aligns with your brand to share on both your social platforms and theirs, while helping you reach new potential followers.

When fishing for an influencer, think about engagement as well as follower numbers. for example; A clothing brand could work with a fashion blogger. So, know your influencers.

6. Teasers!:  share sneak peek at what you have coming up. Pilot videos are good examples of teaser. Just a few details teasing an upcoming event,

or product shots of a soon-to-be-released item and of course, these posts should be done carefully. You don’t want to give away everything all at once but when they’re done well,

it can build anticipation and that’s a good thing. Apple has mastered this art, so when it comes to product announcements, their hype is top notch. i’m sure you already know this.

7. Engagement is super important on social media, and one simple way to get that is to ask your followers an open-ended question — one that can’t be answered with a yes or no.

You know I love my tips and I know you love it too ha ha ha, so here it goes… When posting engaging contents, try as much as possible to make it fun.

That’s where your creativity comes in. It’s easier said than done so you have to bring your game. One of the best ways to ask questions on social media is via Instagram question stickers in Instagram Stories.

You can then share some of the responses you get on your timeline as well.

8. Never underestimate the power of Discounts, coupons and deals.

Before I go on, let me emphasize it! people loveeeeee discounts! Discounts will always pull crowds on social media. It has always worked.

Let’s take “jaruma” for example, when she decides that all her products are 15k ( these are products she’d normally sell for 30k-1,000,000 naira, depending on what you are getting) imagine the traffic she pulls with that discount strategy!

Give valuable offers, that won’t run your business down. Don’t just stop at advertising the discount offer, create a user path that ends in revenue. Shall we go into my tips and treat? *winks*

Here is a cup of tip only for you my darling: if you use this discount strategy on any of your social media channels, and you don’t have any budget for ads,

make sure to include a URL( that is; a link that takes your followers to your website) in your bio.

9. Learn to put your customers in the spotlight. Customer appreciation goes a long way. Things like this makes brands more appealing to prospects.

This is how to incorporate customer appreciation into your campaign calendar:

Create a document that features all the great customer reviews you have. Make it a thing to plan and schedule your posts.

Don’t stop at saying thank you, position your brand as accessible and ready to help prospects like the customer you’ve just praised.

 10. After doing everything above, remember nobody will push your brand as much as yourself. Do it without shame, you are your brand. Shout it till you don’t need any introduction.

That’s all for now. Tell me if you had a good read in the comment section and please let me know if there’s anything that should be added, you know learning never ends and it will be much appreciated if you share your ideas too.

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